New ‘Smart Diapers’ can help identify infections, kidney problems in infants

baby small BA stock New Smart Diapers can help identify infections, kidney problems in infantsWorried your infant may have a urinary tract infection or be dehydrated? Now, there’s an app for that!

A new “Smart Diaper” for infants can alert parents to potential problems such as prolonged dehydration, urinary tract infections and kidney problems, according to Pixie Scientific, the diaper’s maker. Parents simply scan their baby’s diaper once a day with a phone that has an attached QR (quick response) code. The program analyzes the data and signals parents if it detects any signs of problem.

While most urinary tract infections are not serious, if left untreated they could lead to chronic kidney infections and, in time, could cause permanent damage, such as poor kidney function and high blood pressure. Other kidney problems, such as infections or undiagnosed diabetes, often do not present symptoms until the infant is older. The nappy’s developers say that a diaper that observes urine regularly may detect potential problems early and prompt parents to seek medical intervention earlier.

For children who have been diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition, the diaper could eventually give parents an easier method to analyze urine. Currently, parents have to manually squeeze urine onto test strips to be analyzed.

“A role of our kidneys is to filter specific solutes from blood. By taking useful data from a wet Smart Diaper, we make use of something that would normally be thrown directly into the trash,” Pixie Scientific’s website states. “Smart Diapers alert you to certain conditions that require immediate attention and also track your child’s health for months or years, automatically looking for emerging trends.”

Source: Nature World News