Woman dies after surgery to remove Mirena IUD, have tubal ligation

mirena IUD 435x290 Woman dies after surgery to remove Mirena IUD, have tubal ligation A 40-year-old woman died during a routine medical procedure to remove her Mirena IUD and have a tubal ligation, raising more concerns over the safety of the contraceptive devices.

Nicole Lee Stein Caruso underwent surgery in April 2011, but something went terribly wrong. During the operation she sustained a small but accidental laceration to her left internal iliac artery – the main artery of the pelvis. Following surgery she complained of pain, was given pain medication, and fell asleep. During the night Caruso lost two quarts of blood through gradual internal bleeding, which sent her into cardiac arrest. She died shortly thereafter.

Complications associated with the Mirena IUD have increased as the devices have become more widely used. One woman claimed the contraceptive device caused her to develop toxic shock syndrome. Other women have filed lawsuits against Bayer Healthcare, makers of the Mirena IUD, alleging the devices tore through their uteruses causing complications such as kidney failure, need for hysterectomy, and hemorrhaging.

According to Steve Mosher with Popular Research, the Mirena IUD’s side effects include amenorrhea, inter-menstrual bleeding and spotting, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, headaches, migraines, acne, depression and mood swings. Yet, despite these risks, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) supports the use of the Mirena IUD among teenage girls.

Source: LifeSiteNews