Workout powder, diet pill found to contain meth-like drug

workout powder danger 435x244 Workout powder, diet pill found to contain meth like drugTwo supplements – one a popular pre-workout powder and the other a weight-loss pill – contain an undeclared ingredient similar to the street drug meth, that federal officials say poses possible health hazards.

The sports supplement, sold under the brand name Craze and made by Driven Sports, is marketed as a natural supplement that provides “unrelenting energy and focus” during workouts. It is sold at retailers such as Wal-Mart and GNC. The supplement was named “New Supplement of the Year” in a 2012 survey. The diet pill, called Detonate, is distributed by Gaspari Nutrition and sold at a variety of online stores. It has been touted in supplement reviews as the “Most Anticipated Fat Burner of 2012.”

Researshers in both the United States and South Korea tested the products and found that they contain an ingredient similar to methamphetamine, which is based on a designer drug that is used for recreation.

“These are basically brand-new drugs that are being designed in clandestine laboratories where there’s absolutely no guarantee of quality control,” said Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School who also co-authored the study on the Craze samples. “It has never been studied in the human body. Yes, it might make you feel better or have you more pumped up in your workout, but the risks you might be putting your body under of heart attack and stroke are completely unknown.” has stopped selling Craze, but both products can still be found online and at other retail establishments, such as GNC.

Source: Washington Post