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Fatal construction site fall results in two Alabama workers killed on the job

construction site deaths WSFA 435x290 Fatal construction site fall results in two Alabama workers killed on the jobAn industrial accident at a construction project taking place in Montgomery County, Ala., formally known as the Montgomery Outer Loop project has left two construction workers dead.

The victims are believed to have been on a piece of construction equipment used for lifting that can hang off the side of a bridge. The lift is estimated to have fallen more than 90 feet before crashing to the ground. Although the incident is believed to have been an accident, the Montgomery County Sherriff’s Department has confirmed that an accidental death investigation is underway. The bodies of the two workers are being taken to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to confirm the cause of death.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has found that construction laborers are in the category of workers with the highest amount of fatal on-the-job injuries, a statistic that increased by 10 percent in 2012. Also, the amount of hours worked by construction laborers increased by one percent in 2012.

The victims’ names have not been released by local authorities, but they have said one is from Montgomery, Ala., while the other is from around the Birmingham area.

The incident happened at Highway 80 east, beneath the underpass that goes over Interstate 85. The location is roughly halfway between the Waugh and Chantilly exits.

The Montgomery Outer Loop project includes 10 bridges, consisting of four ramps and six bridges for the re-alignment of State Route 126 and Highway 80. The project aims to connect Interstate 85 at Mitylene to Interstate 65 at Hope Hull.

Currently overseeing the project, the Alabama Department of Transportation declined to confirm any details of the accident and said after investigating what transpired the department will issue a statement.