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18-wheeler rollover in Alabama claimed to have been caused by shifts in load

18 wheeler overturned Clanton Advertiser photo 435x246 18 wheeler rollover in Alabama claimed to have been caused by shifts in loadIn Clanton, Ala., an 18-wheeler hauling paper overturned Tuesday morning on Highway 22. The wreck is believed to be due to shifting loads of paper being carried on the big rig.

According to Clanton Police Chief Brian Stillwell, Fourth Avenue North, also known as Highway 22, was shut down for clean-up before reopening about noon the same day.

While traveling east, the truck struck a power pole during the accident, which contributed to the delay since the truck could not be properly righted until the electricity hazard was properly addressed by professionals.

No injuries were reported as a result of the 18-wheeler rollover.

The authorities were told by the 18-wheeler’s driver that the paper he was hauling had shifted during motion, which he believed led to the unfortunate accident.

“He said that he could feel his load shift because it was just stacked with pallets of paper,” Stilwell said. “We’re still trying to determine exactly what happened.”

The investigation is currently being handled by CPD accident investigator Darryl Bone.


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