More people experience side effects from statins than first thought

lipitor 435x435 More people experience side effects from statins than first thoughtFor decades, doctors have prescribed statin medications such as Lipitor and Zocor to millions of patients with high cholesterol levels, and new guidelines may vastly increase the number of people who quality for the drugs. But doing so could be dangerous. In fact, Dr. Mark Hyman, a practicing physician, said in a column in Huffington Post that in the next 10 years he expects to see a backlash against statins.

“In fact, we’re starting to already,” he writes. “We’re seeing now that they may not benefit everybody we thought they would. And we’re seeing that there are some serious risks involved.”

Side effects with statins were once thought to be rare, but researchers have found that as many as 20 percent of statin users have experienced serious side effects such as muscle pain, damage, and aching or high muscle enzymes.

“Statins can also poison your mitochondria, which are your cells’ energy-production factories and the single most important factor in healthy aging and wellness. Statins can hinder the mitochondria’s ability to produce energy effectively and can kill cells off completely,” he writes.

Dr. Hyman also warns that statins can increase blood sugar levels and increase the risk for type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease that can increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease and Alzheimer’s. Postmenopausal women, in particular, are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes after using statins, Dr. Hyman warns. “This is quite serious.”

Source: Huffington Post