Baby walkers in violation of federal safety standards recalled by BebeLove and CPSC

Recall baby walkers1 Baby walkers in violation of federal safety standards recalled by BebeLove and CPSCBebeLove USA, in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has announced a recall of about 3,600 BebeLove Baby Walkers. The recalled walkers have failed to meet federal safety standards, specifically style numbers 358 and 368.

One version, style number 358, can fit through an average doorway and is not designed to stop at the edge of a step, both of which are in violation of the federal safety standards. The other style, style number 368, contains leg openings that could allow a child to slip down until the child’s head becomes entrapped at the neck. Both baby walkers have the potential to cause babies serious injuries or death.

Sold for babies aged 6 months or older, the recalled BebeLove walkers contain a plastic-covered foam padded seat with a plastic base and toy tray. The two styles involved in the recall, style number 358 and 368, have white stoppers on the bottom of the base of the walker and model numbers printed on albel on the rear bottom inside of the base. Model 358 features a white toy bar with printed solid colored seats while model 368 features a yellow toy bar with printed patterned seats.

The recalled walkers were sold in the following color combinations:

Product Name Model Number Color
BebeLove Baby Walker 358 (white toy bar) Pink Base with White TrayBlue Base with White TrayGreen Base with White Tray
BebeLove Baby Walker 368 (yellow toy bar) Blue Base with Yellow TrayPink Base With White TrayPurple Base with Pink Tray

From November 2011 through July 2013, the recalled baby walkers were sold in Arizona, California and Utah at small retail stores and online at and for about $25. The manufacturing was done in Taiwan and China.

Those who have identified their baby’s walker as one of the BebeLove recalled baby walkers should immediately stop using the baby walkers and contact BebeLove for a free repair kit.

For more information on this recall and how to receive a free repair kit, contact BebeLove toll-free at 888-464-1218 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Recall Contact” for more information.