Chrysler recalls more than 75,000 Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles for various problems

chrysler Chrysler recalls more than 75,000 Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles for various problemsChrysler has announced several recalls affecting Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. More than 75,000 automobiles will be affected.

Model-year 2011-12 Dodge Charger sedans had around 43,450 vehicles included in this recall. These vehicles are equipped with halogen headlights. According to a statement by Chrysler, the recalled sedan’s headlamp jumper harness, along with other headlight components, have the potential to overheat during use. In 2012, a recall of police vehicles had the same issue, despite no injuries or accidents occurring due to the issue.

Dodge Charger dealers will be asked to inspect and, if needed, replace the headlamp jumper harness and bulbs or headlamp assemblies, free of charge. Chrysler has not mentioned any specific timeframe for the recall.

Also being recalled this week were 2012-13 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs. Nearly 18,700 vehicles could have a problem with the component that enables Ready Alert Braking, a safety system that allows the brakes to make a sudden stop with optimal performance.

After complaints were received about the system, Chrysler investigated and learned that the brake-fluid flow was being overly restricted. “Brake function was neither lost nor out of compliance with regulation, but pedal feel was not consistent with customer expectations,” according to a Chrysler statement in regards to the concern. Although no injuries or crashes have been reported to the automaker, dealers will update the customers’ brake system software for free. Again, no timeline was specified by Chrysler for the recall.

Fiat’s new four-door crossover, the 2014 Fiat 500L, is considered to be the most serious of the Chrysler recalls announced this week. More than 18,000 vehicles are being recalled due to the automatic transmission not consistently shifting out of Park and other gears well.

“The investigation discovered the function of one microcontroller component may be compromised by certain temperature extremes. A software update resolves the issue,” Chrysler said in a recent statement. Drivers can expect the upgrade to be done by Fiat dealers. No specific recall schedule has been announced at this time.

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