Class action lawsuit filed by Fitbit Force fitness tracker wearers who developed skin rashes

fitbit1 Class action lawsuit filed by Fitbit Force fitness tracker wearers who developed skin rashesA class action lawsuit was filed against Fitbit by people who say they should be compensated for the injuries they suffered while wearing the company’s Force fitness tracker wristband.

The Fitbit Force is the latest product to be released by Fitbit. The popular wristbands sell for about $130. The bands are made of silicon and have a small display and sensors that measure motion in order to track steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep patterns. The device syncs with computers and smart phones.

Last year, consumers reported developing skin rashes and other skin problems while wearing the device. In one case, a Fitbit Force user claimed his skin became irritated near where the band’s battery and charging ports rest against the skin. He was diagnosed with contact dermatitis. Soon after, the area blistered and he developed an infection. Others have reported similar “bumpy, blistery and scaly” skin reactions while wearing the devices, according to national news reports.

Last month, Fitbit halted sales of the Force and issued a recall asking Force owners to send back their wristbands for a full refund. The company said it was taking the matter very seriously, but was still unable to identify just what on the watch was causing the skin irritation. An internal investigation ruled out any issues with the electrical or hardware elements. The company said the problem is likely allergic contact dermatitis caused by the nickel in the stainless steel part of the device, or adhesives or other materials used in the strap.

The lawsuit was filed because the wristband owners believe Fitbit misled consumers. The lawsuit seeks a full refund along with tax and shipping fees. They also want the company to disclose exactly what is causing the skin irritations. More Fitbit Force lawsuits are expected.

Source: The Celebrity Café