Cases against Mirena IUD move toward class-action lawsuit

mirena IUD 435x290 Cases against Mirena IUD move toward class action lawsuitMonths after having the Mirena IUD inserted in her cervix to prevent pregnancy, K. demanded her doctor remove the contraceptive device. It was the only thing she could think of that could be causing her hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, and pain during sexual intercourse. She had gotten the intrauterine device six months after delivering her son, but since getting it nothing seemed right.

When her doctor went to remove the IUD, he couldn’t find it. K.’s Mirena IUD had dislodged from its intended place in her cervix, perforated her uterus, and migrated into her abdomen, eventually embedding in her omentum, the protective tissue connecting the internal organs.

K. had surgery to remove the IUD but scar tissue caused by the migrating device caused her painful cysts and blocked her organs. She had four more surgeries, including a hysterectomy at the age of 24, and has just learned she will need yet another procedure since the scar tissue continues to grow back, causing complications.

K. became one of more than 1,200 women to file a lawsuit against Bayer Healthcare, maker of the Mirena IUD, alleging the device caused side effects such as organ perforation, migration, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and painful surgeries. Many of the cases are progressing toward a class action lawsuit.

Attorneys argue that Bayer did not adequately warn women of the more dangerous side effects related to the device, instead just mentioning those complications in the full prescribing insert.

If you have suffered from injuries caused by Mirena IUD, you may have a case against the manufacturer. Attorneys with Beasley Allen Law Firm are currently investigating cases of complications related to this birth control device.

Source: Newsweek