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Warehouse laborers file FLSA lawsuit against Amazon alleging unreasonably short lunch breaks

Sandwich WIKI Warehouse laborers file FLSA lawsuit against Amazon alleging unreasonably short lunch breaksMore legal problems continue to hinder Amazon as a new batch of its warehouse workers filed a lawsuit against the online retailer last week, claiming the company’s policies do not allow its employees enough time to eat their lunch.

Filed in South Carolina, seven Amazon warehouse laborers have alleged Amazon makes them complete assigned tasks while on their half-hour lunch breaks, despite not being compensated during their off-time. According to the lawsuit, in order for the workers to go outside and eat, they must first line up to go through a security screenings, and then walk for six minutes across the enormous warehouse to the door.

Also, Amazon laborers complain that even their short lunch breaks are often interrupted by mangers punishing them for not making quotas during their work hours.

“Managers and Supervisors sometimes approach Warehouse Workers during Defendant’s designated break period to give them written warnings and assign disciplinary points to them for [failing] to maintain the Defendants’ productivity goals during the shift,” the complaint reads. “Workers were unable to pursue their mealtime adequately and comfortably.”

If the charges read against the defendant are true, Amazon would be in violation of the United States Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA, first established in 1938, was responsible for creating a national minimum wage, guaranteed time-and-a-half for overtime in certain jobs, ensured proper break times and prohibited most employment of minors. The Plaintiffs claim that Amazon is in violation of federal wage and hour laws under the FLSA.

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