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School bus strikes and kills pedestrian in “inherently dangerous” NYC intersection

NYC crosswalk bus accident Google School bus strikes and kills pedestrian in “inherently dangerous” NYC intersectionA school bus crash that killed a pedestrian a New York City crosswalk Thursday occurred at an intersection that has become notorious for the number of driver and pedestrian injuries that have occurred there.

According to various media reports, the driver of a school bus carrying six students ages 5 to 11 appeared to have been trying to get the bus through the intersection of 93rd St. and 2nd Ave. before the yellow light turned red and didn’t see the pedestrian who had entered the crosswalk.

The bus struck and ran over the pedestrian, a woman who appeared to have been in her 40s. Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene.

New York City Assemblyman Dan Quart said the intersection where the deadly incident occurred was one with lanes that “essentially melt into one another and very narrow, tight sidewalks and crosswalks.” He also described the intersection as “inherently difficult and dangerous” and added that the woman’s death was “one of the greatest tragedies in the area.”

Ongoing construction at the intersection also hampers visibility and makes it trickier for drivers and pedestrians alike to navigate.

In the past two and a half years, the intersection has been the site of seven injuries involving drivers, pedestrians, and a cyclist.

Thursday’s tragedy came just hours after Mayor Bill de Blasio called for millions in new spending for the Transportation and Police Departments to make New York City streets safer. In 2014, 40 pedestrians have been struck and killed so far. Last year, 60 people lost their lives after being struck by vehicles.

According to NYPD statistics, “at least 67 pedestrians were struck and injured in the police precinct where the accident occurred,” the New York Times reported.

None of the children inside the bus were hurt in the incident, but one witness told the New York Post that the driver appeared traumatized.

“He was frantic. He was banging on the steering wheel,” the witness told the New York Post.

“He was a mess. He fell inside [the bus] and they had to pick him up. He looked all dazed and was wobbly,” the witness added.


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