Lawsuit alleges injury from tainted CVS Pharmacy eye drops

eye drops Lawsuit alleges injury from tainted CVS Pharmacy eye drops A CVS customer has filed a lawsuit against the drug store chain alleging that its CVS-brand eye drops contained bleach or peroxide, and caused him serious eye injury. Greg Schwak of Fort Lee, N.J., claims that the CVS Redness Relief drops he purchased from a store in New Jersey were either contaminated or adulterated.

Schwak claims he treated both eyes with the drops and immediately felt extreme pain and burning. The pain persisted even after he flushed out his eyes. He says he smelled bleach in the over-the-counter product.

For the next several weeks, he visited the doctor several times to treat puss, swelling and blisters in his eyes. He says he continues to suffer great mental and physical pain and torment from the experience, and “will be in the future compelled to spend great and diverse sums of money for medical aid and treatment.”

Schwak says the eye drops he purchased were in a sealed container in a sealed box. He is asking CVS Pharmacy Inc., CVS Caremark, and Altire Pharmaceuticals to cover the medical expenses he incurred from the eye drops.

While CVS says it has received no other adverse event reports with its eye drops, the company did say that last September Altaire recalled some lots of its eye drops, some of which were sold at CVS stores, because of a problem with a preservative in the solution that had become ineffective and could permit mold growth.

Source: NJ Law Journal