Fresenius faces another GranuFlo wrongful death lawsuit

dialysis Fresenius faces another GranuFlo wrongful death lawsuit A West Virginia man has filed a lawsuit against Fresenius Medical Care claiming a dialysis concentrate manufactured by the company caused his wife’s death. Fresenius is the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services. There are more than 1,800 Fresenius facilities nationwide. The company’s products are also used in non-Fresenius-owned clinics.

James Stockton alleges that for nearly 10 years his wife Beverly underwent dialysis treatment during which she received GranuFlo, a solution used to balance electrolytes in patents undergoing dialysis. GranuFlo contains an ingredient that metabolizes in the body to bicarbonate. Elevated levels of bicarbonate have been linked to heart problems including sudden cardiac arrest.

Stockton’s lawsuit claims that dosing instructions for GranuFlo were confusing, causing patients to receive toxic levels of bicarbonate. He alleges Fresenius executives were aware of the confusing dosing instructions long before his wife began receiving treatment with GranuFlo, but failed to warn patients of the risks. As a result, immediately after dialysis treatment, Stockton’s wife suffered sudden cardiac arrest and died.

“Her injury and death, like those striking thousands of similarly situated victims, were avoidable tragedies,” the complaint states. “This preventable loss of life resulted directly from defendants’ refusal to conduct proper safety studies, defective product design, suppression of information revealing life-threatening risks, wanton failure to provide adequate instructions and willful misrepresentations concerning the nature and safety of their product.”

Source: WV Record