Diabetes test strips recalled due to labeling error

diabetes illus250x03 Diabetes test strips recalled due to labeling errorDiabetic Supply of Suncoast, Inc. has issued a recall of all BMB-BA006A Advocate Redi-Code+ test strips manufactured by BraodMaster Bio-Tech Corp due to a labeling error that could cause confusion about which meter models the test strips can work with. This is the third recall of diabetic test strips in the past year.

In the affected Suncoast lots, the test strip model code (BMB-BA006A) was omitted. Suncoast issued the recall to avoid confusion and the possible misuse of the test strips with the wrong blood glucose meter. Using the test strips with the wrong meters can cause false readings. Falsely high or falsely low glucose results could cause missed or delayed hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia detection and lead to no treatment or inappropriate treatment, which could lead to serious health consequences, including death.

Customers who have affected test strips can contact Diabetic Supply of Suncoast at (561) 296-0488 for more information and for replacement trips in relabeled boxes. In the interim, consumers should stop using the recalled test strips.

Previous test strip recalls have involved Abbott’s FreeStyle and FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips, Nova Diabetes Max Glucose Test Strips, and all GenStrip Diabetes test strips.

Any adverse events or quality problems with these products should be reported to the FDA MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program at

Source: FDA