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CPSC asks children to help promote the ‘Invisible Killer: Carbon Monoxide’ with poster contest

CPSC poster contest carbon monoxide1 CPSC asks children to help promote the Invisible Killer: Carbon Monoxide with poster contestThe dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) are very real. It is often referred to as the invisible killer. It cannot be seen or smelled so you must be very aware of where it can occur. To help promote awareness, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is sponsoring a nationwide carbon monoxide safety poster contest for middle school kids to help warn people about the dangers of CO.

Youngsters are encouraged to create a poster about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Possible topics include:

•Facts about CO: You cannot see it or smell it. It is an invisible killer;
•What steps you can take to protect against CO poisoning;
•How to recognize CO exposure and symptoms;
•How to install and test CO alarms and why they are important.

There will also be prize money given out for the best posters. Here is what you can win:

•Three 6th grade winners: $500 each
•Three 7th grade winners: $500 each
•Three 8th grade winners: $500 each
•One public vote winner: $500
•One grade prize winner: An extra $1,000 (chosen from the finalists)

Posters will be posted on CPSC’s website and social media sites. Vote for your favorite!

The contest is open to U.S. residents in grades six, seven, or eight. Posters must be created by the middle school student, on the student’s own, without help from family, friends or others. Children of CPSC employees are not eligible to enter.

There are many guidelines and rules you must follow in order to be eligible and enter this contest. Visit the CPSC website to learn more about how you or your child can participate in this competition.

Source: CPSC