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‘Below The Belt’ company introduces line of male personal hygiene products

powder 3 435x326 Below The Belt company introduces line of male personal hygiene productsMen should pay more attention to the personal hygiene of their most private body parts because, Jonathan Durden says, “our pants area is usually ignored. Which, considering that the contents of your boxers are trapped in muggy darkness for hours on end, sometimes chafing, often flapping about, is neither logical nor kind, given that these are sensitive parts of the male anatomy at the best of times.”

After all, Durden says, consumer health care companies have spent millions of dollars developing products that cater to the care and grooming of women’s privates. Where are personal grooming products for men?

“Where would men be without their balls? And yet, we continue to neglect and take for granted this most essential part of our anatomy,” he says.

Thus, Durden teamed up with a business partner to create Below The Belt Grooming products designed especially for men. The line of products includes an anti-chafe Sports Lubricant, a bacteria-fighting Waterless Shower, and an absorbent gel affectionately called Fresh & Dry Balls designed to be used on the genitals as one would use talcum powder.

It is likely the male anatomy makes the products safer and more efficient than talcum powder used by women for personal hygiene. A recent lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson serves as illustration. A jury found the consumer health care giant liable for not warning that regular use of its Shower to Shower talcum powder product in the genital area could increase a woman’s risk of developing ovarian cancer. Researches have found that the powder can travel through the uterus and cervix, through the fallopian tubes and into the ovaries.

Below the Belt Grooming company was founded in the UK and currently its products are only available in Great Britain. If the company is successful, soon perhaps it will expand its reach across the pond.

“We think this is just the beginning for Below the Belt grooming,” Durden says. Looking to the future, the company says it may soon tackle care products for another personal area of the male anatomy – men’s feet.

Source: Telegraph