Bayer faces lawsuits over injuries caused by Mirena IUD

mirena IUD 435x290 Bayer faces lawsuits over injuries caused by Mirena IUDThe minute Sarah was implanted with a Mirena IUD contraceptive device, she felt excruciating pain. She tried to tough it out, but it became so severe she went to the emergency room. There, doctors discovered that her intrauterine device had perforated her uterus and migrated into her abdomen. She needed surgery to have it removed.

“They told me that it needed to be removed as soon as possible,” Sarah told ABC 15. “It was horrible. I would never recommend it to anyone.”

Sarah is not the only woman to experience complications with the Mirena IUD. Since the device was approved in 2004 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nearly 60,000 cases of problems have been reported to the agency’s adverse event reporting site. The complications are diverse, involving everything from acne, migraines, back pain and abdominal pain. Less common but still prevalent in the database are reports of uterine perforation.

Hundreds of women who have experienced problems while fitted with the Mirena IUD have filed lawsuits against Bayer Healthcare, maker of the device. They claim Bayer knew that the contraceptive device could migrate from its intended position and cause injuries that in many cases required surgery, including hysterectomy.

Bayer claims that the risks with the device are outlined on the product’s safety label, but women who were harmed by the Mirena IUD say the statements were not enough.

If Sarah had known that having the IUD inserted would cause her excruciating pain and to under go surgery, she says she would have thought twice before getting it. Three years after her Mirena IUD ordeal, Sarah says she still lives with pain, nerve damage her doctor says may never completely go away.

Source: ABC 15