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Pittsburgh bus drivers reportedly “goofing off” before rollover crash

bus crash Pittsburg Port Authority WTAE News image 279x210 Pittsburgh bus drivers reportedly “goofing off” before rollover crashPittsburgh authorities are investigating two Port Authority of Allegheny County bus drivers after one of the port’s buses careened off Interstate 279 and tumbled down a steep hillside onto a residential street, critically injuring the driver Monday afternoon.

According to WTAE Pittsburgh, “the transit agency said the drivers were ‘gesturing’ to each other and swerving while goofing off just before the crash …” The Port Authority also said the drivers were driving “in a reckless manner” when the crash occurred.

The bus driver who did not crash pulled over and got out of his bus when he saw the other bus crash through a guardrail and plummet over the side of the elevated road. He then got back in his bus and continued driving without reporting the incident.

The driver of the crashed bus was partially ejected from the vehicle, which had disintegrated into a mangled heap of metal at the bottom of the hill. A witness on the residential street helped the driver out of the wreckage and covered her with a blanket. She was taken to a Pittsburgh hospital with critical injuries.

Fortunately, the bus had just left its depot and had not picked up any passengers before the crash occurred.

Several witnesses heard and saw the crash from the street below. They say the driver of the bus, who was still lucid after the crash, claimed that another bus struck her vehicle, causing her to lose control.

The Port Authority confirmed that is one possibility that police are investigating, but couldn’t say definitively if that is what caused the crash. The Port Authority, which is investigating the crash with the Pittsburgh Police, confirmed the crashed driver’s version of events is one they are looking into.

The Port Authority said that both drivers are likely to be terminated and may also face charges.


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