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Montgomery, Ala., whistleblower files second retaliation lawsuit against Infosys  

osha whistle Montgomery, Ala., whistleblower files second retaliation lawsuit against Infosys  MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A Montgomery, Ala., man who sued his Bangalore, India-based employer, Infosys, in 2011, alleging he suffered through harassment, isolation, abuse, and even death threats after he blew the whistle on the company’s fraudulent visa practices, has filed a new wrongful termination lawsuit seeking compensation and reinstatement to his job.

Jack Palmer, a former software project manager for Infosys, filed his first lawsuit against the company in 2011. In that suit, Mr. Palmer claimed that he suffered harassment and other forms of harsh backlash after he complained of the company’s visa practices through the proper internal channels.

Specifically, Mr. Palmer said that Infosys was misusing business B-1 business visitor visas, permissions issued by the U.S. State Department for foreigners to travel and work short-term in the United States. He asserted the company was bringing Indian workers with lower salary requirements to the U.S. under the wrong type of visa to fill U.S. jobs and boost profits.

An Alabama state judge dismissed the case in 2012, but Mr. Palmer’s allegations triggered a federal investigation of Infosys. Federal investigators indeed found evidence the company brought Indian workers to the U.S. on B-1 business visitor visas instead of applying for the proper H-18 skilled worker visas, which are more expensive and harder to acquire. In addition to the visa fraud, the U.S. government found errors in the company’s hiring records.

Infosys denied the charges but settled with the federal government for $34 million.

Mr. Palmer said that the U.S. Department of Labor hasn’t responded to his retaliation complaints. “Accordingly, I have a right to bring this action in the United States District Court,” he said.

Infosys fired Mr. Palmer last year. In his lawsuit, Mr. Palmer seeks reinstatement to his Infosys position and an unspecified amount of damages for past and future losses and other costs.

Infosys is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, software engineering, and outsourcing services to global clients.


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