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Double-decker Megabus crash on Indiana highway injures 14 passengers

Megabus crash Indiana photo by ABC7 News 375x210 Double decker Megabus crash on Indiana highway injures 14 passengersA Megabus carrying several dozen passengers crashed Tuesday morning on Interstate 65 just south of Indianapolis, Ind., injuring 14 people.

Indiana State Police said the bus, which was driving northbound to Chicago from Atlanta with a planned stop in Indianapolis, toppled over and became entangled in the highway median’s barrier cable. Authorities investigating the Megabus crash said it may have rolled over after swerving to avoid another crash.

The Megabus crashed around 4:40 Tuesday morning in Greenwood, Ind., with as many as 60 people on board at the time. Chicago’s ABC 7 reported that a female passenger who may have been ejected and pinned under the overturned vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Various reports indicate that the double-decker bus struck another vehicle that was stopped on the highway, causing the Megabus driver to lose control of the vehicle.

“Once we hit the (other vehicle), we started rolling over,” one passenger told ABC 7.

“He was stopped there and the bus came along and clipped him the rear end, causing a pinball effect,” State Police Sgt. Rich Myers told the Indianapolis Star. “The car goes off to the right hand side into the ditch, and the bus goes off to the median where it strikes the cable barriers and overturns.”

State Police also said the weather may have been a factor in the crash. Passengers reported that it had been raining for nearly the entire trip from Atlanta to the Indianapolis area. Road conditions were reportedly slick at the time.

One passenger also told ABC 7 that several people had “serious bumps and bruises” from the crash.

Approximately 35 passengers were taken to a local hospital to be checked and to wait for transportation to carry them the rest of the way to Chicago.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) records show 11 Megabus companies registered in various locations across the United States, including one Megabus operation in Atlanta and one in Chicago. The Chicago-based Megabus operation has a “satisfactory” rating, but the out-of-service rates for its drivers and vehicles are about twice the national average.


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