Another lawsuit alleges regular use of Baby Powder caused ovarian cancer

powder 3 435x326 Another lawsuit alleges regular use of Baby Powder caused ovarian cancerAnother lawsuit has been filed against Johnson & Johnson and other companies selling talcum powder products alleging regular use in the genital area for personal hygiene caused ovarian cancer.

Lynne Cebulske filed the lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Imerys Talc America and Personal Care Products Council. Her lawsuit alleges she used Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for feminine hygiene since 1992. Twenty years later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She later learned that her regular use of talc-containing products in the genital area could increase the risk for the disease compared to women who did not use the products.

Studies published as early as 1971 have linked talcum powder to cancer risk. Another study conducted a decade later found a 91 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer in women who used the products for personal hygiene. The study’s author reported that he had contacted Johnson & Johnson, advising them to warn consumers of this risk. However, the company refused to do so.

Cebulske is one of hundreds of women who have filed lawsuits against the consumer health care giant claiming the company knew of the risks with its talc-containing products but refused to warn consumers. Johnson & Johnson also misled women into thinking the products were safe – even for babies. However, studies show a tragically different story.

Last year a jury found in favor of a woman who sued Johnson & Johnson alleging regular use of Johnson & Johnson in the genital area caused her to develop ovarian cancer.

Source: Madison County Record