Baby furniture recalled by Baby’s Dream for lead paint hazard

Recall baby furniture Babys Dream lead paint 315x210 Baby furniture recalled by Babys Dream for lead paint hazardMultiple pieces of baby furniture recalled by Baby’s Dream Furniture may exceed federal limits for lead paint. The recall was issued when it was discovered that a vintage grey paint finish used on some furniture exceeds federal lead limits. If the toxic lead particles are inhaled, ingested or even absorbed by the body over a prolonged period of time, the individual may experience symptoms ranging from abdominal pain, memory loss and depression to high blood pressure, heart disease and reduced fertility.

Baby’s Dream Furniture included roughly 1200 cribs, 1,800 matching furniture pieces and 1,600 different miscellaneous pieces – all with the lead-tainted vintage grey paint finish. The different collections featuring the recalled pieces comprise of the Brie, Braxton, Everything Nice, Heritage and Legendary baby furniture collections.

Between March 2014 and March 2015, the recalled baby cribs and furniture were manufactured in Chile with labels along the back frame/panel listing important product information, including the product’s name, date and location of manufacture, model number and purchase order number (PO#). The following model numbers are included in the Baby’s Dream Furniture recall:

Spice Crib SPCRPVG 4812-2, 4816-2, 4820-1
Sugar Crib SUCRPVG 4812-3, 4815-1, 4817-2, 4820-2
Hutch EVHUPVG 4814-7, 4822-6
Double Dresser EVDDPVG 4812-7, 4814-6, 4817-4, 4821-5
Single Dresser EVSDPVG 4817-5, 4823-6
5-Drawer Chest EV5CPVG 4813-6
Bookcase EVBCPVG 4816-7
Nightstand EVNSPVG 4814-12, 4818-11, 4822-12


Panel Flat Crib LGSPFPVG 4814-4, 4820-6
Stationary Crib (Flat Top) LGCRFPVG 4813-5
Safety-Gate Crib (Flat Top) LGSGFPVG 4814-3, 4818-5
Stationary Crib (Curve Top) LGCRCPVG 4815-5, 4822-4
Safety-Gate Crib (Curve Top) LGSGCPVG 4815-4, 4819-2
Hutch LGHUPVG 4814-11, 4819-6
Double Dresser LGDDPVG 4813-8, 4815-10, 4817-8, 4819-5
Single Dresser LGDRPVG 4815-11
5-Drawer Chest LG5CPVG 4815-9, 4818-8
Bookcase LGBCPVG 4823-8
Nightstand LGNSPVG 4812-16, 4815-13
Legendary Guard Rail LGGRPVG 4814-16, 4822-13
Caps & Short Post LGSGCSPVG 4814-17


Brie Crib BECRPVG 4813-1, 4816-1, 4818-1
Braxton Crib BXCRPVG 4812-1, 4817-1, 4819-1
Heritage Single Dresser HGSDPVG 4815-8, 4817-7, 4818-7


Baby’s Dream Changer Tray BDCTPVG 4812-15, 4816-11, 4821-10
Universal Guard Rail BDGRPVG 4819-9, 4813-12, 4815-15
Universal Full Bed Adult Rails BDARPVG 4811-18, 4812-18, 4814-15, 4815-14, 4818-13, 4821-11
Universal Queen Bed Adult Rails BDQRPVG 4812-20, 4816-13, 4821-12

At the time the recall was announced, Baby’s Dream Furniture was unaware of any reports of incidents, injuries, or deaths related to the lead-tainted baby furniture.

From March 2014 through March 2015, the recalled baby furniture was sold at specialty furniture stores nationwide, as well as online at The recalled dressers, hutches, nightstands, bookscases and chests were sold for between $450 and $1,000, while the additional furniture accessories were sold for between $100 and $300.

Baby’s Dream Furniture requests that all of its consumers ensure their baby furniture is not included in this recall. If the furniture is included, contact Baby’s Dream to learn how to exchange the furniture as soon as possible.

For more information on the Baby’s Dream recall and how to exchange the recalled baby furniture, contact Baby’s Dream Furniture at 800-835-2742 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s website at and click on the recall image.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Baby’s Dream Furniture
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention