Oregon doctor faces sanctions for overprescribing testosterone treatments, opioids

Nebido injectable testosterone therapy 435x316 Oregon doctor faces sanctions for overprescribing testosterone treatments, opioidsA Redmond, Ore., physician could lose her license and be fined thousand of dollars for a long list of violations including prescribing unnecessary and excessive testosterone treatments to a man who developed side effects.

The Oregon Medical Review Board’s report claims Dr. Rose Kenny, a family practice physician at a Family Care Center was “grossly negligent” in her treatment of patients. In one case, she over prescribed narcotics to a truck driver who reported having six alcoholic drinks per day. She also prescribed excessive and contraindicated medication to treat diaper rash, and doled out several months of antibiotics to pediatric patients without follow-up. Reports also show Kenny subjected patients suffering from anxiety to a so-called “depression gene” test – a screening that the board says is not supported by medical literature.

In September 2008, Kenny reportedly saw an adult male patient who complained of a diminished sex drive and impotence. Lab tests reveled he had low testosterone. The patient returned two months later, during which his testosterone levels had tested normal. However, Kenny recorded the levels as “significant testosterone deficiency” and prescribed for him a testosterone gel.

Two years later, Kenny switched the patient to 400 milligrams of an injectable testosterone treatment. In 2013, the man went to another physician complaining of shrinking testicles, prostate issues, acne and mood swings – testosterone side effects. The patient’s blood was tested and he was found to have “grossly excessive levels of testosterone.”

Recent studies have shown that testosterone therapy has also been linked to serious side effects including heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and death.

The board will make a final ruling on Kenny’s case once its investigation is complete. In the interim, the board has restricted Kenny from prescribing testosterone treatments to male patients. The maximum possible sanction that can be waged against the doctor is the revoking of her medical license and a fine of $10,000.

Source: The Bulletin