UPPAbaby recall indicates danger from 2015 VISTA and CRUZ strollers, RumbleSeats

Recall strollers 210x210 UPPAbaby recall indicates danger from 2015 VISTA and CRUZ strollers, RumbleSeatsAccording to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 70,000 UPPAbaby stroller and RumbleSeat products are now under recall. Reports indicate that infants are able to reach the bumper with their mouths and remove foam covering from the bar, thus posing a choking hazard. Another 8,000 UPPAbaby stroller and RumbleSeat products are also being recalled in Canada.

The UPPAbaby recall focuses on three new products:  the 2015 CRUZ and VISTA strollers, as well as the 2015 RumbleSeat. Firstly, the CRUZ strollers feature an aluminum grey or black frame with a toddler seat made of a black fabric. The CRUZ strollers also have a color fabric sunshade canopy with the UPPAbaby name/logo printed on the side and a black basket beneath the stroller’s seat.

The VISTA strollers also have a grey or black frame with a colored canopy, but are designed to hold up to three children. The handlebars of the recalled stroller have “VISTA” printed in white letters and UPPAbaby printed across the bottom diagonal rail.

Sold as a separate seat attachment, the RumbleSeat may be attached to the stroller frame and allows the child occupant to be rear facing, forward facing or reclined. Available in many different colors, all RumbleSeats included in this UPPAbaby recall were manufactured between September 2015 and May 2015. The manufacture date code can be found stamped beneath the RumbleSeat.

The following 2015 CRUZ stroller model and serial numbers, which can be found on a sticker along the stroller’s lower right frame, are included in the UPPAbaby recall:

  • CRZ0415018100001 through CRZ0415018100738
  • CRZ0415018100739 through CRZ0415018101284
  • CRZ0515018101285 through CRZ0515018101824
  • CRZ0714018100001 through CRZ0714018101441
  • CRZ0814018102464 through CRZ0814018102983
  • CRZ0814018100001 through CRZ0814018100521
  • CRZ0814018103764 through CRZ0814018104024
  • CRZ0814018103504 through CRZ0814018103763
  • CRZ0814018103244 through CRZ0814018103503
  • CRZ0914018104905 through CRZ0914018105353
  • CRZ0914018104617 through CRZ0914018104760
  • CRZ0914018104025 through CRZ0914018104184
  • CRZ0914018104185 through CRZ0914018104328
  • CRZ0914018104761 through CRZ0914018104904
  • CRZ0914018104329 through CRZ0914018104472
  • CRZ1014018106646 through CRZ1014018109347
  • CRZ1114018109348 through CRZ1114018112151
  • CRZ1114018114244 through CRZ1114018115495
  • CRZ1114018112242 through CRZ1114018114243
  • CRZ1214018115496 through CRZ1214018117465

The following 2015 VISTA stroller model and serial numbers, which can be found below the rear axle of the stroller frame on the left, are included in the UPPAbaby recall:

  • VIS0315010103097 through VIS0315010103696
  • VIS0315010104435 through VIS0315010105310
  • VIS0315010106433 through VIS0315010107416
  • VIS0814010100001 through VIS0814010101261
  • VIS0814010100001 through VIS0814010100631
  • VIS0914010101894 through VIS0914010102525
  • VIS0914010102526 through VIS0914010103155
  • VIS0914010103156 through VIS0914010103785
  • VIS1014010103786 through VIS1014010104417
  • VIS1014010105048 through VIS1014010105677
  • VIS1014010104418 through VIS1014010105047
  • VIS1014010112494 through VIS1014010112973
  • VIS1014010111598 through VIS1014010111864
  • VIS1014010107220 through VIS1014010111063
  • VIS1014010111865 through VIS1014010112133
  • VIS1014010111064 through VIS1014010111330
  • VIS1014010112134 through VIS1014010112493
  • VIS1014010111331 through VIS1014010111597
  • VIS1014010105678 through VIS1014010107219
  • VIS1114010112974 through VIS1114010114205
  • VIS1114010114206 through VIS1114010121671
  • VIS1114010121672 through VIS1114010124381
  • VIS1114010124382 through VIS1214010127183
  • VIS1214010127184 through VIS1214010129685

Before the UPPAbaby recall was announced, UPPAbaby and CPSC received 22 reports of children biting off foam from the bumper bar. None of these incidents resulted in any injuries or deaths.

From December 2014 through July 2015, the recalled strollers and RumbleSeats were sold at BuyBuyBaby and various baby product stores across the nation, as well as on The 2015 CRUZ stroller was sold for roughly $500, while the VISTA stroller was sold for $860 and the RumbleSeat was sold for $170. The recalled baby products were manufactured in China.

UPPAbaby asks responsible consumers to please remove the bumper bar from stroller or RumbleSeat for the time being and contact the company to learn how to receive a free bumper bar cover, including a proper warning label.

For more information on the UPPAbaby recall, contact UPPAbaby customer service toll-free at 844-540-8694 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, email or online at and click on Safety Notice on the lower right hand corner of the page.

Source: CPSC