Women sues Bayer after suffering Mirena IUD side effects

mirena IUD 435x290 Women sues Bayer after suffering Mirena IUD side effectsJessica Fountaine was shocked to learn she was pregnant a year after being implanted with a Mirena IUD contraceptive. She believed the device must have migrated from its intended position in the cervix, where it should have protected her from becoming pregnant for up to five years. But even after she underwent an abortion, the device could not be located. Her doctor suggested it fell out without her knowing.

Two yeas later, Jessica decided to give the Mirena IUD another shot, but that didn’t turn out well, either. A year later, she was doubled over with abdominal pains so bad she went to the hospital, where doctors discovered not one but two Mirena IUDs in her body. The device that was believed to have fallen out of her without her knowing never did fall out, doctors concluded.

Jessica’s ordeal was enough to persuade her to file a lawsuit against Bayer AG, maker of the Mirena IUD. Her lawsuit claims that the Mirena IUD is not safe or effective as advertised by Bayer, and that she was not adequately warned by the drug company of “the risk of embedment and migration of the Mirena post-insertion, uterine perforation post-insertion, surgical removal, or the possibility that device complications such as migration and perforations may cause abscesses, infections, require surgery for removal and/or may necessitate hysterectomy, oophorectomy and other complications.”

In May 2013, the New Jersey Supreme Court consolidated cases involving the Mirena IUD and claims that Bayer downplayed potential side effects and failed to adequately warn consumers that the device could migrate outside the uterus and potentially perforate other organs.

Source: Law360