New OTC Poise product offers alternative for incontinence treatment

Poise Impressa 303x210 New OTC Poise product offers alternative for incontinence treatmentWomen who suffer from stress urinary incontinence have a new, nonprescription and nonsurgical option for symptom relief.

Stress urinary incontinence affects millions of women. It occurs when muscles and tissues that support the bladder weaken. This can cause the leaking of urine in situations such as coughing, laughing, running or lifting heavy objects. The risk of developing stress urinary incontinence increases with age, obesity and childbirth.

Treatment can involve surgeries such as the implantation of transvaginal mesh. However, this procedure has been linked to serious health complications including the mesh eroding into tissue and protruding into organs causing pain, inflammation, hemorrhaging and other health issues. Multiple surgeries are sometimes required to remove the mesh and many women are left with lifelong complications.

Other devices and certain prescription medications offer some relief from symptoms, but many women are left using pads and disposable undergarments to absorb leaks. However, these products can’t prevent them.

Impressa, made by Poise, is a disposable device inserted into the vagina. It is designed to stop leaks by putting pressure on the urethra. The device is similar to a tampon, in that it is inserted into the vagina with an applicator, has a string on the end for removal, and comes in a variety of sizes. It has a flexible core with support poles made of resin that help hold the device in place. A porous nylon mesh cover functions as a sling to support the bladder. Impressa is recommended to be worn for up to eight hours.

Impressa side effects include small blood spots on the product, mild discomfort, and vaginal soreness. The product does not require a doctor’s prescription; however, the company says women may want to talk with their doctors before using Impressa to make sure the product is right for them.

Impressa, which gained Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, is just now making its way to store shelves. The device is already approved for sale in Canada.

Source: Fox News