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Amtrak Chef Sues For Injuries Received In Train, Tractor Trailer Crash

amtrak trains logo Amtrak Chef Sues For Injuries Received In Train, Tractor Trailer CrashAn Amtrak chef has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against a Louisiana trucking firm, Amtrak, and other entities seeking compensation for injuries he claims to have received in a July 14, 2014, crash between the train he was working on and a tractor trailer.

According to the Louisiana Record, Dale LaFrance filed the lawsuit over the summer in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, alleging N.H. Hayden Trucking LLC of Roseland, La.; the National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak); the Illinois Central Railroad Co.; and Diamond B Construction Co. are to blame for the circumstances that caused the crash and the severity of his injuries.

The collision occurred in Amite, La., when a tractor trailer operated by H.N. Hayden Trucking failed to yield at the Diamond B Construction crossing. The train was traveling from Chicago to New Orleans when then accident happened.

Mr. LaFrance says the crash left him with severe injuries to his neck, upper and lower back, and hips. Additionally, he suffered from post-traumatic headaches and insomnia, the complaint claims.

According to the Louisiana Record, Mr. LaFrance’s complaint alleges “the trucker employed by H.N. Hayden Trucking was negligent, reckless and careless in causing the crash, and that Illinois Central Railroad Co. was negligent in failing to install properly placed railroad crossbuck signs, a stop sign and an advance warning sign.”

Mr. LafFrance “also blamed Amtrak for his injuries when they failed, the lawsuit claims, for not providing a safe place to work as well as creating and permitting the damages to exist in the train’s path,” the Louisiana Record reported.

Source: Louisiana Record