Pencil sharpener recall announced by Amax after consumer is electrified

Recall pencil sharpener 186x210 Pencil sharpener recall announced by Amax after consumer is electrifiedAccording to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), nearly 44,000 Bostitch electric pencil sharpeners are now under recall by Amax Inc. The recalled pencil sharpeners may become energized by defective electrical components inside the sharpener, posing a shock hazard to consumers and even young students that have a teacher with the recalled sharpener in their classroom.

The pencil sharpener recall encompasses two different Bostitch® brand electric pencil sharpener models:  the Quietsharp Glow™ Classroom and the Super Pro™ Commercial. Both models are silver in color with six pencil sharpener openings along the front black dial, as well as a removable pencil shaving tray. The side of the recalled sharpeners should have the “Bostitch” logo embossed.

The model number for the recalled Quietsharp Glow is EPS11HC with date codes between 4714 and 3215, while the recalled Super Pro is EPS14HC with date codes between 1612 and 2715. To find the date code, remove the pencil shavings tray and check the inside of the sharpener. The model number can be found on a sticker located beneath the sharpener.

Before the pencil sharpener recall was announced, Amax received just one report of a consumer being shocked while operating the sharpener. The recalled sharpeners were manufactured in China.

From April 2012 through August 2015, the recalled pencil sharpeners were sold at stores including Office Depot, Staples and other office supply retailers and distributors nationwide, as well as online. The products’ prices range from $70 to $155.

Amax and CPSC request that all consumers ensure that the recalled pencil sharpener is unplugged. Amax will be mailing out free replacement units to consumers that contact it regarding the pencil sharpener recall.

For more information on the pencil sharpener recall, contact Amax  toll-free at 844-483-5895 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at and click on “Support Center,” then “Recall.”

Source: CSPC