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Exploding E-cigarette Blamed for Indiana Tractor-Trailer Crash

trucks on highway Exploding E cigarette Blamed for Indiana Tractor Trailer CrashA commercial truck driver whose tractor-trailer crashed on I-65 in Jackson County, Ind., Tuesday said an exploding e-cigarette was to blame for making him lose control of the vehicle.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen Wheeles told Indianapolis’ Fox59 News that the driver was injured when the tractor-trailer swerved off the interstate and struck a guardrail. The driver’s injuries were not caused by the crash but by an e-cigarette that exploded in his face. He was taken to a hospital in Louisville, Ky., for treatment, but his specific injuries and condition have not been publicly released.

“His injuries were sustained from this device malfunctioning and not specifically from the crash,” Sgt. Wheeles told Fox59, adding that parts of the device were strewn about the cab and there was some charring as well.

Sgt. Wheeler told Fox59 that the truck driver said that the e-cigarette he was using exploded while he was driving.

E-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which have been blamed for causing explosions and fires in other devices, from hoverboards to airplanes. The number of e-cigarette fires and explosions has risen over the years as the devices have grown in popularity. User error is one problem, as fires can easily start when the wrong battery or charger is used with a device. Other fires have been attributed to poor, substandard manufacturing.

“Education, making sure you have the right device, high quality batteries, (and) high quality devices are really the best way to avoid some sort of incident like that from occurring,” one Indiana e-cigarette retailer told Fox59, referring to Tuesday’s truck crash.

Source: Fox59 Indianapolis