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Elmore, Ala. plant Amtech Southeast cited by OSHA for repeated violations

explosion 209x210 Elmore, Ala. plant Amtech Southeast cited by OSHA for repeated violationsThe U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that Amtech Southeast’s Elmore, Ala., plant has been cited for its second time in just the short span of three years. Many of the violations found exposed workers to fire and explosion hazard while on the job.

Working as division of Dynamic Fabrications, Amtech Southeast was written up for similar violations committed back in February 2014. Some of the citations include improperly stored oxygen and acetylene cylinders, and failing to label other containers with the proper chemical name and hazard warnings that were stored with acetone. The company was also cited for storing uncompressed and unsecured gas near the entrance of the Elmore plant.

Joe Roesler, the OSHA area director in Mobile, Ala., released the following statement in regards to Amtech Southeast’s most recent investigation:

“Amtech Southeast continues to expose workers to hazards that were previously identified by inspectors. There is no reason we should be finding those hazards again. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure workers have a safe and healthy workspace, and those who fail to do so will be held accountable.”

OSHA has proposed fines of $50,000 to be levied against Amtech Southeast. The same amount was levied against them in February 2014 when OSHA uncovered a total of 15 safety and health violations.

In order to clear the charges against them, Amtech Southeast must either comply with the findings and pay the fine, request a conference with Mr. Roesler to discuss the findings, or contest them.

Source: The Wetumpka Herald