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Notorious 11foot8 Bridge Devours Its First Truck of 2016

11 foot 8 bridge 375x210 Notorious 11foot8 Bridge Devours Its First Truck of 2016The website has captured video of yet another truck getting its top sheared off as it drives under a notoriously low bridge in Durham, N.C. The truck was the 102nd since the website’s operator first began filming the crashes eight years ago.

The bridge, located in the Brightleaf section of downtown Durham near the Durham Amtrak station, was built in the days before federal and state rules required minimum clearances. The trestle supports a train track and bears a large warning sign along its span that flashes when approaching vehicles are taller than 11’ 8”. Signs on either side of the bridge display the height.

Additionally, according to, there are large warning signs posted for several blocs leading up to the bridge on S. Gregson St., but apparently that is not enough to prevent a dozen trucks from plowing through the clearance, all the while peeling the tops off of trailers and air conditioning units from campers.

The bridge offers about two feet less overhead clearance than most bridges, posing what calls “a huge obstacle to inexperienced or oblivious drivers.”

11 foot 8 bridge angle 375x125 Notorious 11foot8 Bridge Devours Its First Truck of 2016

The latest 11foot8 bridge crash occurred on Jan. 7. Video of the crash shows a truck owned by Forward Air Solutions, a logistics service provider and pool distribution trucking company. website owner Jurgen Henn set up his first camera to film the bridge from his office building on Brightleaf Square in 2008. The pastime has since been the source of numerous videos that have gone viral on the internet.

According to RT, the total damages to trucks and other vehicles battered by the bridge are believed to be about $500,000 – about $5,000 per vehicle.