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Alabama nursing home listed as ‘substandard’ by CMS

woman in hospital bed Alabama nursing home listed as substandard by CMSMONTGOMERY, Ala. – A Montgomery nursing home that has struggled to comply with state and federal regulations in the past has again been placed on a federal list of deficient care providers.

AlabamaNews.Net reports that Woodley Manor and Rehabilitation has landed on the “Special Focus Facilities” list kept by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency within the Health and Human Services Department that administers federal health care programs and sets the rules and standards for care providers.

According to CMS, nursing homes on the Special Focus Facilities list “have had a history of serious quality issues and are included in a special program to stimulate improvements in their quality of care.”

Montgomery’s Woodley Manor is the only nursing home in Alabama to make this year’s list for its failure to comply with federal code.

CMS says that nursing homes on the list have about twice the average number of deficiencies than other nursing homes; have more serious problems than other nursing homes, including a higher risk of harm or injury to residents; and have demonstrated a pattern of problems that have persisted over the long-term – at least three years prior to its being included on the list.

In 2007, Woodley Manor was one of two Alabama nursing homes to land on the federal government’s list of the worst nursing homes in the U.S. Since then, Woodley Manor has been cited for failing to notify family members of a change in a patient’s condition, failure to wash dishes at the proper temperature, and other violations that could threaten the health and well-being of residents.

Dr. Tom Geary, Medical Director for the Alabama Department of Public Health, told that his agency follows up on every nursing home complaint it receives, but emphasized that the situation at Woodley is not as bad as its designation on the federal list may make it seem.

“It is not so bad that people need to be worried about the safety of their family member at Woodley nursing home right now,” Dr. Geary told, adding that the Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation is going to work with Woodley Manor to bring it into compliance with federal regulations.

“We hope this time around there will be some permanent improvements made that will keep them from becoming a special focus again,” Dr. Geary told

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