Police car recall announced by GM due to reports of power-steering failure

police car blue lights 315x210 Police car recall announced by GM due to reports of power steering failureAlmost 6,300 police cars are now under recall by General Motors (GM) upon the automaker’s discovery of a power-steering defect in the recalled vehicles.

The most recent GM recall encompasses all of the Chevrolet Caprice Police Pursuit vehicles from model years 2014 through 2016. The issue was first discovered by the La Grange, Ill., police department upon noting the high number of power steering losses in its fleet of vehicles. No injuries or accidents have been linked to the police car recall.

According to the ABC News, the issue lies in the police car’s torque sensor connector, which may become corroded over time and need replacement. GM believes this is due to how long police cars run on an average shift – typically 20 hours per day. The heat under the hood can build up while the police car is in idle, allowing the corrosion to occur.

While the vehicle may still turn using the manual steering mode, it requires much more effort than it should, thus increasing the risk of a crash.

In order to remedy the recalled vehicles, GM dealerships will be checking and replacing the steering gear assembly for drivers at no cost.

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