Massive Polaris recall announced following more than 160 reports of ROV fires, death of 15-year-old

Recall Polaris RZR ROV 375x210 Massive Polaris recall announced following more than 160 reports of ROV fires, death of 15 year oldAccording to the U.S.  Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), nearly 133,000 Polaris RZR recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs) are now under recall. The Polaris recall comes shortly after the discovery that the vehicles may ignite while consumers are driving the ROV, thus posing both burn and fire hazards to the driver and passengers.

Before the Polaris recall was announced, the company received more than 160 reports of fires due to the recalled RZR ROVs. The reports span from a 15-year-old passenger who died in a fire caused by a rollover crash to 19 first-, second-, and third-degree burn injuries.

“One of our foremost guiding principles is Safety and Ethics Always,” said Scott W. Wine, Chairman and CEO of Polaris. “We know that the foundation of a good ride is a safe ride, and we have been proactive, aggressive and thorough in putting forth a plan to get our vehicles repaired and give us – and our customers – confidence in the safety of our RZR vehicles.”

The following RZR ROV VIN numbers are included in the Polaris recall:

2013/2014 RZR XP 900

  • 3NSJT9EAXEF364144 – 3NSJT9EA4EF385345
  • 4XAJT87A0DP456738 – 4XAJT87A8EF366714

2014/2015/2016 RZR XP 1000 *additional VIN numbers included.

  • 3NSVDE992FF361215 – 3NSVDE998GF784060
  • 4XAST1EA0EB165962 – 4XAVFE992GB344924

2015/2016 RZR 900 *additional VIN numbers included.

  • 3NSVAE871FF366883 – 3NSVAE874GH861374
  • 4XAVAA878FB926614 – 4XAVAE873GB673176

2015/2016 RZR S 900 *additional VIN numbers included.

  • 3NSVBE870FF361395 – 3NSVBA876GH860331
  • 4XAVBE879FP340592 – 4XAVBE876GB673749

2016 RZR S 1000 *additional VIN numbers included.

  • 3NSVBE994GH102740 – 3NSVBE99XGH108171
  • 4XAVBE995GP340655 – 4XAVBE997GB673744

To find the VIN on the Polaris ROV, check on the driver’s side rear frame rail. The Owner’s Manual should also be able to help locate the vehicle’s VIN number in the case the consumer cannot find it.

From July 2012 through April 2016, the recalled ROVs were sold for between $16,000 and $26,000 at Polaris dealers across the nation. The recalled Polaris ROVs were manufactured in both the United States and Mexico.

Any consumer in possession of one or more of the recalled Polaris ROVs should immediately stop using them due to the high risk of injury. Free repairs of recalled ROVs are currently being offered by Polaris dealers nationwide.

For more information on the ROV recall, contact Polaris at 800-POLARIS or 800-765-2747 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Saturday and Sunday or visit Polaris online at and click on “Off-Road Safety Recalls” on the main page of the Polaris website. Not all recalled VIN numbers are listed in this recall and it is advised that specific ROVs be identified through the company’s website.