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Unconnected Hoverboard Suddenly Explodes Inside South Florida Home

hoverboard burned CPSC image 308x210 Unconnected Hoverboard Suddenly Explodes Inside South Florida HomeA Fort Lauderdale, Fla., family escaped injury Friday morning when a hoverboard that had been sitting idle, unconnected to a charger, suddenly exploded inside their home.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, which posted a picture of the charred device to social media, said the family was able to extinguish the flames before they arrived.

“It was an explosion and I was like the roof is coming down or something,” Kaudrica Hunter told Fort Lauderdale’s Local 10 News. “I never once thought it was the hoverboard.”

Ms. Hunt told the station her son heard a spark and then the hoverboard exploded where it had been siting for several days, unconnected to a power source.

The explosion set fire to a sofa in the room, and Local 10 News’ video of the incident shows the floor is also charred, indicating the damage could have been much more devastating had nobody been home when the hoverboard exploded.

Rodney Davis, a resident of the home, told Local 10 News that people should reconsider owning one of the self-balancing mobility devices, which remain highly popular but completely unregulated in the U.S.

“Get rid of them,” he told Local News 10 of hoverboards. “Throw them away. (Children) don’t need them.”

As in most of the U.S., the Fort Lauderdale incident comes amid a wave of hoverboard injuries and accidents throughout South Florida. Local 10 News reported that hoverboard-related injuries spiked over the holiday season and that hoverboard-related lawsuits will likely follow.

Virtually all hoverboards are manufactured in China and many of them are produced with no manufacturer or brand names, making it hard to identify their source. However, as Local 10 News reported, anyone harmed by a defective hoverboard will still have some recall recourse by holding the distributor liable for damages.

Source: Local 10 News Fort Lauderdale