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Overtime pay lawsuit filed against Angie’s List by 17 former employees

money Overtime pay lawsuit filed against Angies List by 17 former employeesAngie’s List, the crowd-based review site for local businesses, is being taken to court by former employees claiming the company withheld overtime pay and, in several incidents, requested employees not report overtime hours.

According to the federal lawsuits being weighed against the company, many employees were forced to work under very aggressive sales goals, some of which would require employees to sell a high amount in advertising, said Indianapolis lawyer Kathleen Delaney. Delaney is currently representing 17 of Angie’s List past employees, all of whom claim to have been trained to do “whatever it takes” to meet their aggressive goals, despite not being paid in accordance with the additional hours worked.

“They’re telling people, ‘You have to hit numbers, you have to hit numbers,'” Delaney told the Indy Star. “This is a systemic problem with the way they run the sales department and compensate people. It’s not just a couple of hours here, a couple of hours there.”

Cheryl Reed, a spokeswoman for Angie’s List, refused to comment on the pending litigation, saying that the company’s policy requires it to “pay employees for all time worked in accordance with state and federal law.”

All 17 of the plaintiffs have left Angie’s List in the past six months. The majority of them started working there between two to four years ago. Many times they would be forced to travel to other parts of the country, working late nights in order to get in touch with people on the West Coast due to the time difference.

While Delaney says it’s far too early to tell how much overtime each plaintiff is due, her firm has sent a notice to Angie’s List requesting it maintain all of its records related to the employees’ work hours and compensation.

Source: The Indy Star