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Boston Transit Authority Bans Hoverboards From All Property, Vehicles

Hoverboard webpromo1 375x143 Boston Transit Authority Bans Hoverboards From All Property, VehiclesCiting a recent spate of fires, explosions, and injuries nationwide, the Metro Boston Transit Authority (MBTA) announced on Tuesday it is banning hoverboards from all MBTA property. The ban, effective immediately, includes all MBTA stations, buses, subways, trains, and commuter boats

MBTA said it has alerted all of its staff of the new rule. “Customers with hoverboards shall not be permitted to bring such devices into MBTA stations and onboard MBTA vehicles. There are no exceptions,” the MBTA announcement read.

In making its decision, MBTA said its assessment of hoverboard risk and the decision to prohibit people from carrying them onto MBTA property are in line with the actions taken by several other transit systems throughout the country.

Investigators determined that MBTA’s existing rule prohibiting “articles of a flammable or explosive nature to be carried into any station or into or upon any passenger vehicle” could include hoverboards, given the evidence that shows the devices are prone to overheat and explode.

Incidents of lithium-ion batteries that power the popular self-balancing motorized boards suddenly erupting into flames or exploding have been documented throughout the country over the past several months.

“A potential fire ignited by a hoverboard can expose customers to smoke and toxic gas, which can result in injury or death,” the MBTA said. “They also increase the risk of personal injury to riders due to falls, collisions, as well as the possibility of falling into the train pit.”

MBTA says transit police will inform customers of the ban if they are found on MBTA property with the devices and will “enforce the ban as needed.”

According to the announcement, signs notifying the public about the ban will be posted throughout the Boston transit system in the coming weeks.

Source: Metro Boston