Philips Lighting lamp recall announced after reports of shattering; burn and laceration hazards

Recall lamp light bulb Philips Lighting Metal Halide 375x168 Philips Lighting lamp recall announced after reports of shattering; burn and laceration hazardsNearly 87,000 metal halide lamps are now under recall by Philips Lighting and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Reports indicate the defective lamp’s outer bulbs may easily shatter, allowing hot internal pieces of glass to fall out from the lamps. Any consumer in possession of the recalled lamps is at risk of burn and laceration hazards.

The lamp recall consists of all Philips Energy Ceramic Metallic Halide Lamps with model number CDM330. The lamps were created to be used as energy efficient replacements for the older, traditional 400W quartz metal halide lamps used in high-ceiling industrial, retail and commercial buildings inside magnetic ballasts. Available in both clear and coated versions, each recalled lamp features etching on either the base or of the ovoid of the lamps displaying information such as the date code, Philip’s name, wattage (330W) and model number (CDM330).

The following date codes are affected by the Philips Lighting lamp recall:

Date Code                  Month/Year

1E                                May 2011

1F                                June 2011

1G                               July 2011

1H                               August 2011

1J                                 September 2011

1K                               October 2011

1L                                November 2011

1M                               December 2011

Before the lamp recall was announced, Philips Lighting and CPSC were made aware of two incidents involving the lamps shattering unexpectedly. Fortunately, no injuries were linked to the shattering incidents.

From May 2011 through June 2012, the recalled lamps were sold for about $40 at electrical supply distributors across the nation. The recalled lamps were manufactured in the United States.

Philips Lighting and CPSC request that all consumers stop using the lamps included in this recall and contact Philips to receive a free replacement lamp.

For more information on this lamp recall, contact Philips Lighting toll-free at 866-253-5503 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, via email at or online at and click on “For Professionals” and then “Recalls.”

Source: CPSC