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High School Lacrosse Player Sues Over Alleged Mismanaged Head Injury

skull xray High School Lacrosse Player Sues Over Alleged Mismanaged Head InjuryA high school Lacrosse player has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against the Orange County, Fla., School Board and the Florida High School Athletic Association, alleging they were negligent in responding to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) she sustained during a match last year.

According to an amended lawsuit filed in Orange County Circuit Court May 17, a player identified as Leighton Yenor, also named as a defendant, struck plaintiff Kendall Holley on the head with a lacrosse stick. The impact caused Ms. Holley to sustain a concussion.

Instead of properly responding to the injury, however, “none of the referees, coaches or trainers present performed any evaluation of Kendalle Holley to determine if she had suffered injury including concussion,” the lawsuit alleges. They also failed to provide any medical treatment, instead sending her back into the game, according to the complaint.

Because of the lack of training and supervision, Ms. Holley continued to play with her head injury, which caused “a severe exacerbation” of her concussion, the complaint asserts.

The complaint contends the defendants “knew or should have known that a failure to appropriately evaluate, assess and intervene in the event of a traumatic brain injury could result in injury or even death.”

In addition to her untreated concussion, which could put her at risk of developing serious brain disorders in the future, the plaintiff also suffered from “resulting pain and suffering, physical inconvenience and discomfort, loss of time, mental anguish, expenses incurred due to the medical treatment, loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent scarring/disfigurement,” the complaint states.

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Kendalle Holley, et al v. School Board of Orange County, Florida