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Ohio Worker Crushed To Death in Hydraulic Press

2874245 2874245 industrial gears background 316x210 Ohio Worker Crushed To Death in Hydraulic PressCOLUMBUS, OHIO — A worker employed by a metal plastics molding plant in Central Ohio was crushed to death by a hydraulic press Monday morning, Columbus police said.

According to Columbus law enforcement authorities investigating the accident, Timothy Underwood, 60, was working in the press area at a Core Molding Technologies plant with a coworker early Monday morning when he fell into one of the hydraulic presses.

Police said Mr. Underwood died from a “catastrophic injury to his head.” He was pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Underwood had worked at the molding plant for about a year.

The company, which manufactures fiberglass-reinforced plastic products for the trucking, telecommunications, and agricultural industries, said it is cooperating with authorities investigating the circumstances of Mr. Underwood’s death and will be “offering grief counseling on-site over the next several days and thereafter as needed for all employees.”

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation are also investigating the accident. Union officials said they are also looking into the accident.

“Caught-In or Between” accidents are one of OSHA’s “Fatal Four” hazards that commonly threaten U.S. workers with serious injury and death. According to OSHA, the term applies to injuries resulting from a person being squeezed, caught, crushed, pinched, or compressed between parts of an object.

The other most frequently found workplace hazards include falling dangers, usually from heights; electrocution risks; and struck-by hazards. Together, these four types of hazards account for 60 percent of on-the-job deaths, primarily in construction but also in other industries.

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