Invokana cardiovascular data much anticipated by analysts

Invokana 149x210 Invokana cardiovascular data much anticipated by analysts Long-term cardiovascular data on the type 2 diabetes drug Invokana is among the “three most important data releases and FDA decisions in the next nine months,” according to The Motley Fool analysts.

Like all drug manufacturers of type 2 diabetes medications approved in recent years, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals was ordered to collect post-market data regarding cardiovascular events with Invokana. Analysts expect the results to be similar to that of Boehringer Ingelheim’s diabetes drug Jardiance, which was found to reduce cardiovascular-related death in type 2 diabetics at high risk for cardiovascular events.

Both Jardiance and Invokana are in a new class of diabetes drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors. Instead of working through the pancreas or liver, as most other type 2 diabetes drugs do, excess glucose is excreted through the patient’s urine. If Invokana can post statistically significant cardiovascular benefit as its rival Jardiance, sales could climb even higher.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks to SGLT2 inhibitors. Since drugs in the class were approved three years ago, the FDA has issued new or stronger warnings regarding side effects that include serious urinary tract infections, acute kidney injury, bone fractures, loss of bone mineral density, and ketoacidosis, a serious condition in which too much acid builds up in the blood. Regulators are also currently investigating an increased risk of lower limb amputations with SGLT2 inhibitors.

Invokana may be poised to give Johnson & Johnson a nice boost in sales, but Motley Fool Stock Advisor says there are several other companies they’d recommend investing in over Johnson & Johnson.

Source: Motley Fool