Scottish Man’s Metal Hip Removed After Only Three Years leaving him Permanently Crippled

5099992843 308cb49869 435x288 Scottish Mans Metal Hip Removed After Only Three Years leaving him Permanently CrippledJohn Haldane was 68 when he received a new hip, a metal-on-metal design that he was told would last two decades. Three years later, the hip had to be removed, leaving him permanently crippled.

“I’m disabled and this should not have happened,” Haldane said. “I just want the company which made the implants to take responsibility.”

Now, 88 people who allege they were permanently injured by metal-on-metal hip implants are seeking compensation for the agony and problems they say they experienced from their new prosthetic. Their ages range from 30s to 80s, and each claim their lives have been ruined by the faulty device. They’re collectively launching a joint legal battle against hip manufacturers, seeking 1,000,000 euro each.

“A whole generation of people who underwent hip replacements have this type of replacement,” said the attorney representing the hip patients. “They have been left needing further operations, in pain, often permanently disabled. People have lost their jobs because of the impact on their health, so it is only right that they get compensation for their loss of earnings.”

The Daily Record states, “The case will be one of the country’s largest ever class actions by NHS patients.”

Metal-on-metal hip implant manufacturers such as Wright Medical, DePuy Orthopaedics (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), Stryker, Smith & Nephew and Zimmer Biomet Holdings have been facing a high number of lawsuits alleging injuries linked to the failed hip devices.

The metal hip components are made of cobalt and chromium, which, upon corrosion and wear-down, can flake metal particles into the body and cause metallosis, a type of metal poisoning that is a resulting side effect of joint replacing devices such as metal-on-metal hip implants. Reported injuries include implant failure, necrosis (tissue and bone death), and organ damage.

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