More than 3.8 million units of Sargent Art paint recalled due to harmful bacteria

Recall paints craft Sargent Art 271x210 More than 3.8 million units of Sargent Art paint recalled due to harmful bacteriaAlmost three million units of Sargent Art paint are now under recall in North America due to the discovery that the paints may contain infectious bacteria, which may cause adverse health effects depending on the consumer’s immune system. However, consumers with generally healthy immune systems are not typically affected by the bacteria.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the following 13 types of Sargent Art tempera and finger paints are affected by the paint recall:

Art-Time Tempera Paint Liquid Tempera Paint
Art-Time Washable Finger Paint Supreme Tempera Paint
Art-Time Washable Fluorescent Finger Paint Value Tempera Paint
Art-Time Washable Fluorescent Tempera Paint Washable Finger Paint
Art-Time Washable Glitter Finger Paint Washable Glitter Paint
Art-Time Washable Paint Washable Tempera Paint
Fluorescent Tempera Paint

Although there have been no reports of illnesses or deaths linked to the paint recall, Sargent Art opted to announce the recall in order to keep consumers and their families safe. The recalled paint was manufactured in the U.S.

From May 2015 through June 2016, the recalled paint was sold for between $1 and $8 by retailers including Hobby Lobby and Walmart across the nation. The recalled paint was also sold online during this time on and

Consumers in possession of any recalled paint should immediately stop using the products until they have contacted Sargent Art to receive a full refund.

For more information on the paint recall, contact Sargent Art at 800-827-8081 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and Monday through Friday, or online at and click on “Recall.”

Source: CPSC