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Girl burned on Harry Potter ride in e-cigarette explosion

Harry Potter scene Universal Islands of Adventure wikimedia commons 315x210 Girl burned on Harry Potter ride in e cigarette explosionIt might have been mistaken for a special effect mimicking the magic and sorcery of Harry Potter’s world if it weren’t for the burn injuries.

A “fireball” shooting from an exploding e-cigarette on the Hogwarts Express train ride at Universal Studios Orlando hit a schoolgirl, leaving her with moderate burns on the right side of her face, arm, and leg.

Florida police who responded to the incident said that a group of young men were waiting to ride the Hogwarts Express train when one of their e-cigarettes exploded, blasting a fireball that hit the unidentified girl in the face.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the 14-year-old girl was seated on the ride when the incident occurred. She and her family were visiting the park from Tennessee.

The girl was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, where she was admitted for treatment of her burn injuries.

“It was just a weird, freak accident that unfortunately caused injuries to two people,” police Lieutenant Dan Brady told the Orlando Sentinel. “It wasn’t a big explosion but was definitely enough to scare everyone who was in that cab of the train.”

Park authorities evacuated the ride and shut it down temporarily for evaluation. The incident left a hole burned into a seat on the train, but there was no significant damage to the attraction otherwise.

According to CNN, the college student whose e-cigarette caused the incident may have been injured as well but he fled the scene with his three companions. Sgt. Wanda Miglio of the Orlando Police Department told CNN that the students left the park immediately after the accident.

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