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Army Vet Severely Injured By E-Cigarette Explosion Sues Huntsville Vendor

vaping e cigarette close up shutterstock 369589925 326x210 Army Vet Severely Injured By E Cigarette Explosion Sues Huntsville VendorA Huntsville Army veteran who served two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan safely returned home to Alabama only to suffer severe injuries resembling some caused by a bomb blast when some e-cigarettes exploded in his pocket.

In an interview with Huntsville’s WAFF, Tim Jensen said he stopped at a Huntsville shop to buy some batteries for an e-cigarette. He purchased some he says were recommended by the store owner.

But while driving down the road in Huntsville, Mr. Jensen suddenly felt heat building up within the pocket of his pants.

“I just felt heat come from my pocket, just almost instantaneous,” he told WAFF. “When I looked down at my pocket: fire. The battery exploded.”

The blast left Mr. Jensen with severe second- and third-degree burn injuries on his legs and hands. He was admitted to UAB’s burn center, where he received 60 staples and multiple skin grafts. Like so many other e-cigarette users burned by exploding lithium-ion batteries, Mr. Jensen faces a long and extremely painful recovery.

Mr. Jensen filed a lawsuit against the store that sold him the batteries, saying the store clerk never warned him that the batteries were potentially explosive. He also alleges that the batteries’ packaging contained no warnings.

Medical bills have far exceeded $50,000, Mr. Jensen told WAFF. He is suing the store that sold him the allegedly faulty batteries for negligence. His lawsuit alleges the store knew the product it sold was hazardous, but it failed to provide safety information or instructions for how to avoid a fire or explosion.

“This is either defectively manufactured or it shouldn’t even be on the market,” Mr. Jensen’s lawyer told WAFF.

The Huntsville store that allegedly sold Mr. Jensen the batteries denies all allegations and says it has no record of selling batteries to Mr. Jensen.

Source: WAFF Huntsville