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FSU Student’s Google Phone Bursts Into Flames

Google phone Pixabay 315x210 FSU Student’s Google Phone Bursts Into FlamesA Florida State University student talked to the press recently about his Google smartphone bursting into flames on a desk near his bed.

Joseph Zilonka, an FSU freshman, told WCTV Tallahassee that he woke up Jan. 31 to a crackling noise followed by his Google Nexus 6p smartphone bursting into flames.

“I didn’t expect this kind of phone to do this,” he told WCTV.

Mr. Zilonka said before he went to bed, he connected the Google phone to its charger next to the bed like he does every night. Only that night, instead of being wakened by an alarm, it was a pyrotechnics display on the table near him that woke him up.

Mr. Zilonka said he ran to get a fire extinguisher and snuffed the flames, finding afterward that the blaze was so intense it burned a hole in the desk.

“It was five feet away from me. If the phone was next to me it could have lit my bed on fire. That’s scary to think about,” he told WCTV.

Ironically, Mr. Zilonka said he heard about the lithium ion batteries in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 overheating, catching fire, and exploding, which was why he bought the phone he did. He thought it was safe.

Brea Nail, another Tallahassee resident, told WCTV that she takes precautions when charging her phone, but echoed some of the fears many have amid reports of lithium-ion battery explosions causing personal injury and property damage.

“It’s crazy to see it actually happening to people. It’s dangerous. It’s absolutely dangerous, and with the Note 7, you really wouldn’t expect this to happen to another device too,” she told WCTV.

Google told WCTC that it was unaware of Mr. Zilonka’s experience but would look into it immediately.

Source: WCTV Tallahassee