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Alabama Demolition Worker Suffers Fatal Injuries After Floor Collapse In Old Mill

Worker on a wall e1530911789805 Alabama Demolition Worker Suffers Fatal Injuries After Floor Collapse In Old MillFederal officials and local police are investigating the death of a construction worker who died after the floor in an old mill where he was working gave way, causing him to plummet four stories to the concrete ground floor.

The Lanett Police Department identified the worker as Cirilo Banuelos Reyes, a 50-year-old male from Alexander City, Alabama. Mr. Reyes was performing demolition and reclamation work inside the Dye Works building of the Old Lanett Mill on South Gilmer Ave. Tuesday, Feb. 14. when the flooring collapse occurred.

Lanett Emergency Medical Services, the Lanett Police Investigations Division, and the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office responded to the accident and started a preliminary investigation. Columbus, Georgia’s WTVM reported that federal officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will also be investigating the circumstances surrounding Mr. Reyes’ death.

Investigators have not reported whether Mr. Reyes was wearing a safety harness when the floor collapsed, as federal law requires most construction workers working in elevated areas to do, or if Mr. Reyes had a safety harness that somehow malfunctioned.

Officials reported that Mr. Reyes was working to reclaim wood, brick, and other materials from the old mill when the floor collapsed. Most of the mills in the Lanett area were built in the 1800s but all of them had shut down by 2009.

Mr. Reyes was taken to Lanier Health Services in Valley, Alabama, where he died from his injuries shortly after arrival.

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