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Alabama Man Seriously Burned By E-Cigarette Explosion

e cigarette explosion Alabama image by Jason Kromer courtesy WSFA 372x210 Alabama Man Seriously Burned By E Cigarette ExplosionNote to e-cigarette users: Do not put e-cigs or similar devices in your pants pocket.

An Alabama man has become one of the latest e-cigarette users to be badly burned by an e-cig battery that suddenly exploded in his pocket, blasting flames that burned his clothes and skin.

Jason Kromer, 33, told Montgomery’s WSFA that he was about to sit down for breakfast at a friend’s house when, without warning, his e-cigarette blew up “like a grenade,” covering his leg in flames.

The intensely hot explosion and fire, almost certainly caused by the device’s lithium-ion battery, welded the e-cigarette canister onto Mr. Kromer’s thigh, giving him second- and third-degree burns. Mr. Kromer told WSFA the device was “blowing like a volcano.”

Mr. Kromer said he had recently started using an e-cigarette after giving up regular cigarettes. He said he did nothing to modify the device.

Hospitals and burn centers throughout the country are reporting a surge of e-cigarette related burn injuries in the last couple of years as the popularity of the devices soars. Burns like Mr. Kromer’s, which affect the upper part of the leg, are among the most common injuries associated with e-cigarette malfunction.

E-cigarettes have also caused burns to the hands from holding the device or trying to remove it from one’s pocket, and face. In several cases, patients have been treated for facial lacerations, blown-out teeth, and eye damage in addition to burns.

“It hurts like no pain I have ever experienced,” Mr. Kromer told WSFA, echoing many of the patients who have spoken to the press about the burn injuries they received from exploding e-cigarettes.

Source: WSFA NBC Channel 12 Montgomery