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Health Officials in UK Fight to ban Sweet-Flavored E-Cigarettes

vaping e cigarette device close up shutterstock 494112631 315x210 Health Officials in UK Fight to ban Sweet Flavored E CigarettesWales health officials are calling for a ban on the sale of sweet-flavored e-cigarettes over the fear that they are appealing to kids. This has the potential to lead kids to nicotine addiction in adult life, according to Public Health Wales.

The vaping community, however, is fighting back, saying it has the right to market the claim that vaping is an “alternative to smoking” traditional cigarettes.

Along with the sweet-flavored e-cigarette ban, there are also calls for rules against vaping in and around schools as well as calls to create an e-cigarette retail sale registry to prevent vaping products from being sold to youth younger than 18.

“You can buy bubblegum, candyfloss, jam doughnut flavour e-cigarettes,” says Ashley Gould of Public Health Wales (PHW), “and they are only aimed at one audience – and that’s about recruiting children.”

Health risks may be lower with e-cigarettes than traditional cigarettes, but vaping is still “not without risk,” according to PHW.

The agency lists among the potential risks normalizing smoking behavior because vaping mimics smoking a cigarette;  preventing smokers from quitting by taking the place of proven smoking cessation methods; and acting as a “gateway” to the use of traditional tobacco.

E-cigarettes have been found to contain many dangerous chemicals that have been linked to cancer and lung disease. Although many retailers claim e-cigarettes are just water and nicotine, studies have shown that to be highly inaccurate. Vaping liquids have been found to contain formaldehyde and diacetyl, a flavoring agent that has been linked to serious lung disease such as bronchiolitis obliterans.

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